New Year 2015

2014: A year of “change”. 2015: A year of “hope”.

Personal: In search of greener pastures, here I came crossing the oceans and it has been a mild roller coaster ride since then. While it is yet unclear which side is greener, the hope is still alive.

Regional: Breaking some hearts and delighting the others, a separation as harsh as it was, is still indigestible. May the geographical boundaries become irrelevant for our unity, the hope is still alive.

National: In the midst of unheard corruption and unsafe society, a clear mandate and an influential leader were all that were needed. As we now have both, the hope is still alive.

Global: Conflicts between two, severely hurt innocent innumerous. “Snakes in backyard, didn’t bit only neighbors”. May the common enemy be destroyed in the virtual third world war, the hope is still alive.


First half marathon

It all started back in 2008. From driving a car to bathing my son (a kid then), everything seemed like an effort. It was then that I decided to do “something” to improve the energy levels and my fitness. Tried Yoga, aerobics, swimming, etc. They perhaps gave me some mileage, but were not interesting enough so I could stick with them for long.

10K Run, then a fancy event attended by Tollywood glamor in Hyderabad, naturally attracted me to take part in and experience it. After some practice, I actually finished it! Thrilling.

Like they say “Running is an addiction”, not perhaps as much as they say, but it surely became a “habit” for me to run and participate in 10K events in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. Adding Cycling to it, was like “Yes, I found what I was missing all these years”.

Even after successfully completing a lot of 10K running events and a couple of long bicycle ride events, I was always doubtful, if I would ever be able to do a Half Marathon (until then, one is called just a “runner” and not a “marathoner”).

After relocating to the US, I decided I must aim for one, this year. Thanks to my trainer and continuous motivation from my family, here is my first Half Marathon (Dallas MetroPCS) ever.

I am playing “Level 2”!


How sad!! T-CM is opposing reinstatement of NTR’s name to Hyderabad domestic terminal!!
And the reason he quotes “NTR belonged to the _other_ state”? Hell with you, T-CM. Did RG belong to the state you represent?

Have you forgotten you were once a die hard fan of the great actor?
Have you forgotten your very survival in politics was for the blessings of the great leader?
Have you forgotten you named your only son after Him?

In the name of “self esteem”, how can you be so ungrateful?
In the name of “self respect”, how can you be so shameless?
In the name of “self rule”, how can you be so disgraceful?

My dear friends belonging to the geography where I grew up, and I still cherish, most of my life.. this is not against a region or regional leaders.. it’s just against an ungrateful, shameless and disgraceful single person.

Bald is Bold

Difficult to accept
Impossible to arrest

Hope never goes
Fall never stops

Every string counts
No shampoo helps

Reminds your age everyday
You comb more than yesterday

I never cared, when I had them plenty
No care helped, as it gets empty

Feels good, my friends have it too
Feels bad, others don’t have it why

Wish my dad never had it
Hope my son will never get it

But still, my belief is solid
Bald is bold, bold is bald

I am bald, I am bold.

Lost and Found – Phone and Hope

LostAndFoundAfter finishing my first Chennai 10K run, this auto driver, M Gouse, drove me from the venue to my vast guest house complex. I got down in a hurry as I had to checkout asap. After reaching my room, I realized my phone was missing, probably in the auto. Tried dialing my own number, it was ringing but none answered. Assuming I lost it, I took shower and went ahead with my checkout proceedings, which took over half hour. With little hope, I just tried dialing my number again, from the checkout desk. To my pleasant surprise, this time the call was answered after a couple of attempts, and it was the driver who answered.

After i met him, I learned that he was patiently waiting outside the complex, on the road, just hoping that I would call again or come out sometime in search of the phone (the first time he did not answer the call, because he did not know how to operate the phone). I am sure he lost some of his business during this wait. I think he deserved appreciation, reward and may be a facebook post. All taken care of.

While I lost and found my phone, I also lost and found the hope that there are still good people around us!

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