New Year 2015

2014: A year of “change”. 2015: A year of “hope”.

Personal: In search of greener pastures, here I came crossing the oceans and it has been a mild roller coaster ride since then. While it is yet unclear which side is greener, the hope is still alive.

Regional: Breaking some hearts and delighting the others, a separation as harsh as it was, is still indigestible. May the geographical boundaries become irrelevant for our unity, the hope is still alive.

National: In the midst of unheard corruption and unsafe society, a clear mandate and an influential leader were all that were needed. As we now have both, the hope is still alive.

Global: Conflicts between two, severely hurt innocent innumerous. “Snakes in backyard, didn’t bit only neighbors”. May the common enemy be destroyed in the virtual third world war, the hope is still alive.


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