Now I know..

My one month long single parenthood ends today, and I am both glad and sad.
A month ago, I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage, for this was the first time that I needed to take complete care of the child, over a full month.
Well, I knew how difficult a task it could be, but, I “realized” the challenges only after I (barely) managed to do it myself.

If one month was a challenge, I wonder how you managed it, month after month and year after year. Often, thanklessly.

Now I know, why you disappointingly stare at me as I silently finish my dinner. All you expect is an acknowledgement if not an appreciation for a special dish.
Now I know, why there is always a pile of unwashed dishes in the sink. They are there despite doing multiple rounds of cleaning a day.
Now I know, why you forget to tell me all the groceries the first time. It is impossible to plan all the items ahead.
Now I know, why you always rush to pack my lunch box. I barely managed tardy’s for the child.

Now I know, why you don’t do physical exercise. I gained a couple of pounds myself this month.
Now I know, why you always feel sleepy. You keep thinking about next day’s cooking in your sleep tonight.
Now I know, why you watch only entertainment in TV. After a daylong work, what you need is entertainment and not education.
Now I know, why you ask for a maid. It is basically a two people work, each day.

Still, now I know, why children like mom more than dad. It is not the effort that is noticed, it is the affection that is felt, unknowingly.

Happy (belated) mother’s day! The joy of parenting is all yours.

3 thoughts on “Now I know..

  1. Awesome Raghu.. This blog provides lot of insights and gives a very good perspective on under appreciated efforts of a mother’s and wife’s household day-to-day work.

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