What would I do on Father’s Day!

Summer holidays are good because there is no school and I get to play a lot. They are also bad because I don’t get to meet my friends.

But luckily, yesterday, one of my close friends came to our house and we played like, for more than 2 hours. He also brought a new Lego set along with him. He said his Dad bought him that because he made a nice card for his dad on Father’s Day.

Father’s day? When was that? A few weeks ago? Oh no, I missed it. Else, I would have made a card for him too. And even wrote a letter too!

But.. wait.. what would I write in the letter? Hmm.. may be something like “I love you, Dad!.. You are the best Dad!..”. Good idea, because I really love him, love him a lot.

But, how would he react after seeing the letter? Would he hug me and say “I love you too, baby!”? Hmm.. I think he would, because he loves me. I guess he does. Because, he bought me an iPad and many Lego sets.

But then, why did he shout at me, when I asked him to play with me two days ago? Mom said, I shouldn’t disturb him when he is on phone. But, he is always on phone when he is not using his laptop 😦

Why did he keep quiet, when I asked him to join me to swimming in the evening? Mom said, he is very tired and I should let him relax. Even I go to school everyday and stay, like 8 hours and I am not tired 😦

The other day, during the school, he didn’t come to the PTA meeting. Mom said, he had some urgent work in the office. How would he know how I am doing in school, if he doesn’t attend?

The next day, I tried telling him the new science experiment we did in the school, but he said he was driving home, so talk to him later. Mom simply gestured me not to bother him. How would he then know my favorite subject is science? (and I don’t like social studies teacher, you know 🙂 )

How I wish he could stay by me and tell a bedtime story every night? Mom says, he would do that tomorrow because he couldn’t remember any story today. But, I have seen many tomorrow’s waiting for another tomorrow 😦

Why did he turn to the other side, when I woke up a little early and went to him to just lay by him? Mom said, he had late night office calls. I don’t understand, he says no to me for everything, but why can’t he say no to his manager, at least one day?

Why did he lie to me that he would come take us to the carnival? Mom alone took me because dad told her he had to go meet a friend. Why doesn’t he understand that I can meet and make more friends when he takes me to carnival?

You know.. I love reading diary of wimpy kid? I like it more when Dad sits next to me and read the book with me. But why does he always keep peeking into his facebook? Is facebook more interesting than diary of wimpy kid?

I was really frightened one day, when he yelled at me after looking at my social studies grade in second unit assessments. But why didn’t he notice my grades in science, in the same report card?

Why does he always take me to weird movies? Once when I cried, he promised me to take me to minions movie, when it releases in theaters. It release, but then, I forgot. He forgot too, I believe.

Looks like it is never-ending like my tardy’s. I think, let me write all this in the letter.
Where is my pencil, here it is. Let me tear a paper from my notebook. Now.. where do I begin?
Hey.. my paper.. my paper.. hey.. where are you flying away.. hello.. stop.. stop..


Someone is waking me up.. waking me up from my dream.. Oh, it’s my son. He is hiding something in his hands, his face not pleasant, his eyes red. Looks like he didn’t sleep well in the night. He simply kept an envelope on my pillow and quietly left.

Wondering what was that, I opened it curiously. It’s a card, a nice colored card, made by him.
Something is written in it.. “I love you, Dad! You==============”. Something striked off.. what could it be?

Oh no.. was it my dream or his?

I couldn’t wait a second.. jumped up from my bed to hug him and say “I love you too, baby!”

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