This is an attempt, by quite liberally quoting and extensively leveraging the literature of “Declaration of Independence” and famous “Gettysburg Address”, to plead to the people and politicians of this nation to remember and restore the very fundamental principles (equality and immigration) that this nation fought for, 244 years ago.

Life lessons from a long cycle ride

I am fortunately passionate enough to take part in long group rides. Triggered by a recently finished one such long ride, I find some striking similarities between a long ride and life in general. Here are some:     One mile at a time. You are sure to reach your target.     Every uphill is followedContinue reading “Life lessons from a long cycle ride”

Expensive – India or the US?

It has been a year since we relocated to the US and I have encountered quite a few friends/ colleagues who are thinking of either relocating to the US or returning to India. While the motives could be many and different, there is one common concern: “How much to earn? (to maintain the relative standardContinue reading “Expensive – India or the US?”