Life lessons from a long cycle ride

I am fortunately passionate enough to take part in long group rides.

Triggered by a recently finished one such long ride, I find some striking similarities between a long ride and life in general. Here are some:

    One mile at a time. You are sure to reach your target.
    Every uphill is followed by downhill. Get over it.
    Ensure your near (and dear) have safe ride too. Their fall might lead to your fall.
    Do not compare yourself with a slower rider. There are much faster riders ahead of you.
    Do not compare yourself with a faster rider. Know your limitations and be within.

    Don’t look too far, you see only uphill. Enjoy the downhill right now.
    You can’t go too far against the nature (wind). Oblige it.
    Know when to switch gears. It is not always plains.
    Take breaks. Recharge, rejuvenate and resume.
    Have a friend, be a friend. Your ride will be more pleasant.
    Have a spare. You never know when you will need it.
    A fall is not the end. Get up, shake it and move on.

    Feel free to take short detours. Nature is beautiful.
    Don’t just ride. Help a cause.
    Make the most out of your downhill and get a mileage to the next uphill.
    Injuries are not uncommon. Treat yourself, take help and move ahead.
    Alone, you may ride faster. Together, you can ride longer.
    Ride and let others ride.

    Ride is not a race. It is an experience. Feel it.


Happy riding!

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