Life lessons from a long cycle ride

I am fortunately passionate enough to take part in long group rides. Triggered by a recently finished one such long ride, I find some striking similarities between a long ride and life in general. Here are some:     One mile at a time. You are sure to reach your target.     Every uphill is followedContinue reading “Life lessons from a long cycle ride”

Expensive – India or the US?

It has been a year since we relocated to the US and I have encountered quite a few friends/ colleagues who are thinking of either relocating to the US or returning to India. While the motives could be many and different, there is one common concern: “How much to earn? (to maintain the relative standardContinue reading “Expensive – India or the US?”

Lost and Found – Phone and Hope

After finishing my first Chennai 10K run, this auto driver, M Gouse, drove me from the venue to my vast guest house complex. I got down in a hurry as I had to checkout asap. After reaching my room, I realized my phone was missing, probably in the auto. Tried dialing my own number, itContinue reading “Lost and Found – Phone and Hope”