Lost and Found – Phone and Hope

LostAndFoundAfter finishing my first Chennai 10K run, this auto driver, M Gouse, drove me from the venue to my vast guest house complex. I got down in a hurry as I had to checkout asap. After reaching my room, I realized my phone was missing, probably in the auto. Tried dialing my own number, it was ringing but none answered. Assuming I lost it, I took shower and went ahead with my checkout proceedings, which took over half hour. With little hope, I just tried dialing my number again, from the checkout desk. To my pleasant surprise, this time the call was answered after a couple of attempts, and it was the driver who answered.

After i met him, I learned that he was patiently waiting outside the complex, on the road, just hoping that I would call again or come out sometime in search of the phone (the first time he did not answer the call, because he did not know how to operate the phone). I am sure he lost some of his business during this wait. I think he deserved appreciation, reward and may be a facebook post. All taken care of.

While I lost and found my phone, I also lost and found the hope that there are still good people around us!

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