We need freedom from our masters.
We have been enslaved for 8 years.

We hardly talk to each other at home.
Toys and games are locked for kids.
Books are shelved or sold.
Attention is arrested and eyes are put behind glass bars.

Kid’s candies are crushed.
Birds once loved turned angry at us.
Sand castles buried under Tetris debris.
Monopoly is not ours, any more.

Yes, it is because of our masters.

We invented them.
We brought them home.
We talked to them.
We sang with them.
We played with them.

But now..

We can’t control them, they control us.
They are becoming smarter, we are becoming dumber.
They are evolving humanoids, we are shrinking robots.
They are masters, we are slaves.

Is it the beginning of “machine-age”? Hope not.

We need freedom from our masters.
We want to be back at the playgrounds, into the woods, on to the beaches.
We like to mingle with nature.
We hope to remain humans.

We need freedom from smartphones!

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