40’s Club!

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Triggered by a cousin just entering her 40’s, this is a quick reflection of my so-called club membership thus far.

vitals” become truly vital
vitamins” become daily diet

optics” start to really matter
annuals” begin to get regular

“grey hair” pops out of nowhere
“body fat” shows up everywhere

beauty” consoles, “i’m only skin-deep
philosophy” reckons, “i make more sense

kids’ knowledge” appears to surpass ours
generation gap” seems it only widens

career” throws uncertainties aplenty
next 20yrs” seem longer than the last twenty

security“‘ takes precedence over ‘challenge
retirement fund” takes priority over ‘vacation spend

finally, as I begin to notice
my fitness competes with my parents’…
and I start to wonder,
age” is NOT just a number!

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