Except One!

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Researchers say, there are one trillion species on planet Earth, more than stars in our galaxy.

To all these species, 2020 is a year of jubilation.
one, to whom it is a year of humiliation.

To the otherwise drying and dying lives of trillions, 2020 is a drizzling cloud of hopes.
one, to whom it’s a pandemic looming on it’s very existence.

Every species does their bit to maintain the natural ecosystem on Earth.
one, which tries every possible way to destroy it.

Every life on Earth depends on another life and is a source to another.
one, which feeds on all other lives, but does nothing to feed another.

Little do these trillions know, 2020 is just a short-lived spark in the vast darkness surrounded by rapid erosion of bio-diversity, as that One species will be back to its usual business, very soon.

Even for the Mother Earth, 2020 is a ‘merry-go-round’ around the Sun. She must have confused an observer in a distant galaxy, with the sheer glow on her face resembling the shine of a star.

Would the planet be happy if we take that glow away? Would the planet continue to be patient if we continue to destroy the natural ecosystem and unbalance the bio-diversity?
If a single virus could bring mankind to a standstill, imagine what a giant planet can do to reinstate it’s sanctity!

2020 will become history shortly, but I’ll remember the unprecedence that humankind had to deal with. As I welcome 2021, I’ll resolve to protect the prosperity of the Mother Earth and the diversity of life on it, by being more eco-friendly. Will you, too?

Happy New Year, to that One and All!

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