Merry Christmas!

Oh, Jesus the Christ!
Lead us all to the path of light!!

Oh, Jesus of Nazareth!
Free us all from sorrows on the eart

Oh, Lamb of God!
Take away the sins of the world!!

Oh, King of the Jews!
Comest, build the Third temple for us!!

Oh, Light of the World!
Clear the darkness as we all behold!!

Oh, The Carpenter!
Wipe away the fear and tear!!

Oh, Son of David!
Thou return and walk us to Kingdom of God!!

Oh, Son of man!
Please return and save the mankind!!

Oh, God the Son!
Thank you for Thy gift of salvation!!

Oh, Rabbi, The Messiah!
Thou are our liberator! Hallelujah!!

Merry Christmas!

Disclaimer: My general knowldge of Jesus Christ and Christianity is extremely limited. Hence, please forgive any mistakes or misinterpretations!

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