Who Am I?

A few years ago, I was attending one of the Yoga courses during which a philosophical question was asked: “Who are you?”. Well, no matter what I or anyone said, the answers turned out to be incomplete, if not wrong.

Perhaps, simplest of the questions have the most complex answers. One of my answers(yes, I gave many) was “I am myself, and what I am to others.”.

Now, as I turn 40, I ask myself, “Who am I?”.

  • I am a son. It took becoming a parent, to understand how much I owe them as a son.
  • I am a brother. Can I let him show the world, why everyone needs a brother?
  • I am a husband. Trying to make her life better after marriage, than it was before.
  • I am a father. How I wish, I am his best buddy, not just daddy!
  • I am a son-in-law. Still have chances, to erase “-in-law”, for them and for me.
  • I am a babai. It is sweet to be dad next to Dad.
  • I am a pedananna. A lot of ground to be covered.
  • I am a relative. Want to be one among them, even while away from them.
  • I am an employee. If customer is god, so is employer.
  • I am a friend. Struggling to be one to as many as I want to have.
  • I am a subordinate. You assign it and forget it. It’s done.
  • I am a manager. Delegate the tasks, but own the problems. Am I one?
  • I am a student. Did I really learn what I studied, and apply what I learned? Perhaps not.
  • I am a citizen. Be Ethical and Responsible. Although difficult, it’s possible.

I am myself. Keep trying to love what I do and do what I love.

It’s forty. Hopefully forty more, to become better “I”.

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