Luxury in life

What is Luxury in Life?

One acre in new capital?
Two incomes in family?
Three vehicles in garage?
Four bedrooms in home?
Five diamonds in locker?
Six digit balance in bank?
Seventh version of iphone?
Eighty inch television?
Armanis, Bvlgaris, Dolce Gabbanas, Louis Vuittons, Mercedes, Pradas, Rados?

May be.

But, when did we last..

have a sip of coffee watching the sun rising
take a picture or two of the sun setting

stare at a fish swimming
listen to a bird chirping

play a boardgame with kids
walk in the park with wife

pick a fruit in the field
cut a veggie in the kitchen

watch the clouds mingle
see the stars twinkle

read a book
visit a temple

sing a song
shake a leg

Didn’t we use to do all that, until the pursuit of luxuries in life stole the beauty of it?

Time to redefine Luxury?

Luxury is.. after all, Luxury. You never have all of it.
Whatever you have, enjoy every bit of it.
Whenever you have, cherish every moment of it.

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