Peanut Chikki (పప్పుచెక్క)


  • Raw peanuts – 1 cup (*1)
  • Sesame seeds – 1/4th cup (optional)
  • Grated jaggery – 3/4th cup (*2)
  • Water – 1 tbsp
  • Ghee – 1 tbsp


  1. Dry roast raw peanuts in medium flame until medium brown (*3)
  2. Remove the roasted peanuts from pan, and remove the skin, by gently rubbing them (*4)
  3. Dry roast the sesame seeds until they turn light brown
  4. Keep a steel plate greased with ghee
  5. Also keep a rolling pin (చపాతీ కర్ర) greased with ghee for rolling
  6. Add grated jaggery to a bowl
  7. Add water (just a table spoon) and occassionally stir as jaggery melts in water
  8. When jaggery is all melted, filter it to a heavy bottom pan (*5)
  9. Add ghee and boil the jaggery syrup in heavy bottom pan until it reached brittle consistency (*6)
  10. Now, add the roasted peanuts and sesame seeds into the boiling jaggery syrup
  11. Mix the peanuts and seeds quickly and ensure they are coated well with the jaggery syrup (*7)
  12. Quickly remove from the plan and pour on to the previously greased steel plate
  13. With rolling pin, roll the mixture evenly, and quickly (*8)
  14. After a few minutes, when the chikki is midly warm, cut it into nice shapes (*9)


  • (*1) Dry roast the peanuts, instead of air fry, for authentic taste
  • (*2) If you are adding sesame seeds, increase the quantity to 1 cup of jaggery
  • (*3) Peanuts tend to absorb heat from the pan even after stopping the flame, so remove them from the pan immediately
  • (*4) You may mildly crush the peanuts to break them into smaller pieces
  • (*5) Jaggery tends to have impurities, so they need to be filtered out. You may add a little more water if the melted jaggery is too thich to flow through a filter
  • (*6) Test the consistency by dropping a few drops into cold water. The drops should be able to be consolidated into a single candy ball
  • (*7) This step shouldn’t last more than a minute (or even less)
  • (*8) Grease the rolling pin liberally
  • (*9) Don’t wait until the mixture colls down. Cut it into pieces while it is still warm

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